all things are connected.

Human health doesn’t mean much if our planet isn’t healthy. That’s why we aim to deliver the very best in nutritional supplements while leaving the smallest ecological footprint possible.

Through environmentally conscious business practices, we consider the impact of our supplements at every turn, from the sustainably-sourced ingredients we use and our carefully-considered packaging, to our business model and how we get our supplements to you.

It’s all connected, and we’re determined to make a holistic difference.

sustainable packaging.

Bottled with love in dark amber glass to preserve our high quality products, we use fully recyclable materials and aim to minimize overall packaging by keeping things as simple as possible.

We purposely put as much information as we can onto our labels so we don’t waste materials on fancy boxes or leaflets—additional packaging that often ends up in the trash.  We encourage all of our customers to recycle their bottles as often as possible to keep waste out of landfills.

paying it forward.

At 42Nutrition, we support the Change for Women collective—funding the vital work of our local and global non-profit partners who serve with fearless determination to end gender inequality and support health, human rights, and equality for women and girls around the world.